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Building a Resilient, Distributed Enterprise with Cloud-Managed DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI)

How bringing network services into the cloud enables your organization to connect users from the core to the distributed edge

October 27th, 2021 - 12 PM ET

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To succeed in today’s digital first world, enterprises are accelerating adoption of new technology paradigms like cloud computing, microservices architectures, IOT/OT, new operating models like DevOps, NetOps, and new cloud-centric commercial models. 

However, legacy core network infrastructure - like DNS, DHCP, and IPAM - can’t keep up. They're unable to provide the flexibility for local compute and autonomy, with centralized control at the distributed edge, that modern network configurations require.

Join NS1 for a webinar on why enterprise network environments are evolving, the coming changes to plan for, and why your approach to your core network services needs to change to unlock the full value of digital transformation initiatives. 

Attendees can expect to learn: 

  • How enterprise network environments have evolved, and changes to prepare for
  • Why traditional DDI solutions no longer cut it
  • Why bringing core network services into the cloud improves network resilience
  • How NS1’s Cloud-Managed DDI solution provides the scale, flexibility, security, and speed in your core infrastructure that today’s business environment requires

Presented By

  • Damiaan Habets
    Damiaan Habets

    Technical Product Management at NS1

  • Ajay Gupta
    Ajay Gupta

    Senior Director Product Marketing

  • Devin Bernosky
    Devin Bernosky

    Solutions Engineering at NS1



Magnetic’s performance is now beating even the largest Internet advertising giants. We’ve decreased latency by 70 percent – and have the same number of servers. They’re just now deployed in a far more cost-effective, flexible and resilient infrastructure that isn’t locked into a single cloud provider.

James Marcus Vice President of Technical Operations, Magnetic