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DNS Traffic Steering 101: Getting Started with Filter Chains

March 30th, 2022 at 12 PM ET

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DNS traffic steering is an essential component of optimized user experiences.  If you’re serving up applications and content from multiple clouds and/or CDNs, traffic steering lowers costs, improves response times, and ensures resilience by drawing from the best source for that particular moment.  

While the benefits of traffic steering are clear, configuring the systems that make it work can be a bit intimidating at first.  In this webinar, we’ll offer an accessible introduction to DNS traffic steering with NS1’s own Filter Chain technology.  We’ll run through a variety of use cases for traffic steering, and show how Filter Chains deliver optimized network performance in each case.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How DNS traffic steering lowers cost, increases performance, and adds resilience to multi-cloud and/or multi-CDN networks
  • The use cases for traffic steering and the tradeoffs involved in configuring systems to serve those use cases
  • The basics of how to configure NS1 Filter Chains

Presented by: 

  • Terry Bernstein, Sr. Director of Product Line Management, NS1

Presented By

  • Terry Bernstein
    Terry Bernstein

    Sr. Director of Product Line Management at NS1

  • Ben Ball
    Ben Ball

    Senior Director of Product Marketing at NS1

  • Jodell Morency
    Jodell Morency

    Senior Solutions Engineer at NS1



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