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5 Ways DNS Takes Traffic Management to the Next Level

Newer platforms are available that were built from the start with traffic management at their core, providing access to exciting capabilities, helping you enact traffic management in ways that were previously impossible.

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  • Modern enterprises like LinkedIn leverage NS1's API-first DNS in their infrastructure
  • NS1 gave Dropbox the ability to easily add new edge facilities based on needs
  • Squarespace leverages NS1's API to create new customers' DNS records in real-time
  • Salesforce leverages NS1 to accomplish DNSSEC with traffic routing

Traffic management can be complicated.

It usually involves complex, expensive networking techniques, capex-heavy hardware appliances with global load balancing add-ons, or a third-party managed DNS platform.

Download this ebook to learn how modern platforms help you enact traffic management in ways that were previously impossible by:

  • Routing users based on their ISP, ASN, IP prefix, or geographical location
  • Leveraging load shedding to prevent meltdowns
  • Enact business rules and meet applications' needs with weight, priority, and stickiness filters

Magnetic’s performance is now beating even the largest Internet advertising giants. We’ve decreased latency by 70 percent – and have the same number of servers. They’re just now deployed in a far more cost-effective, flexible and resilient infrastructure that isn’t locked into a single cloud provider.

James Marcus Vice President of Technical Operations, Magnetic