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Keep VPN Networks Available With NS1

Remote work has been advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and it's one of the policies that nearly half (46%) of organizations are implementing because of the COVID-19 epidemic*. Remote work has been growing even before the COVID-19 crisis. Today enterprises rely on VPNs to provide seamless connectivity to their remote employees without compromising security, but what happens when these VPNs become less performant due to a historically unprecedented demand?

Next-Generation Managed DNS
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Are Stressed VPN Networks Adversely Impacting Your Business?

VPNs are usually designed to provide remote access to a small proportion of corporate employees. However, some companies now have 100% of employees working remotely, which is overwhelming VPNs and degrading performance. Some users are not able to connect, while others wait an excessive amount of time for a connection.


Leverage Innovative Traffic Management to Boost VPN Performance & Availability

NS1's patented point-and-click filter chain enables users to configure powerful traffic shaping algorithms based on location, availability, number of existing sessions, and a dozen other variables. Enable your workforce to do their jobs seamlessly, while NS1 dynamically chooses how to best respond to a query for a given DNS record for a VPN server by sorting and eliminating DNS responses according to user-defined criteria.


Provide a Top-Notch VPN Experience to Your Teams

VPN technology is crucial for providing access to remote employees. NS1's modern Managed DNS solution offers powerful traffic management capabilities that enable network administrators to accommodate the ever-growing number of remote employees and delivers a superior remote access experience for them.



Our DNS platform is designed with an “API First” architecture. Every function of our platform is enabled via a REST API – from our role based access controls to every setting on every DNS record. We built an intuitive and easy to use GUI on top of our APIs plus an impressive list of toolkit integrations and programmatic support that allows you to manage and automate the DNS your way. If you are struggling to automate with your old “CLI First” DNS platform then give NS1 a test drive.

API-first architecture

API-first architecture empowers DevOps teams to automatically integrate DNS changes into their deployment processes, dramatically improving speed & mitigating downtime.

Anycasted Network
Achieve maximum reliability and blazing fast performance with the industry's only Managed DNS service in China that overcomes performance challenges caused by the Great Firewall
Clever and Easy traffic Management

Exceed users' expectations, and automate your processes with a perfectly-tailored Managed DNS solution that customizes your DNS answers for every user, everywhere, based on your organization's goals.

Achieve Efficiency and Automate with APIs & Integrations
Built with developers in mind, NS1 Managed DNS easily integrates into your DevOps ecosystem via our APIs and turnkey integrations with your stack.
Let Data Do the Work
Leverage user, network, infrastructure, & application data to make real time traffic routing decisions based on network health, geography, system capacity, bandwidth commits, and much more.
Monitoring and Reporting

Gain insight and explore your DNS configuration to optimize and troubleshoot networking issues throughout your stack with a full set of statistics and comprehensive reports.

Premium Support


White-Glove Migration Available

Our team is on-hand to assist with troubleshooting and automation when needs with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and 24x7x365 support.



NS1 maintains a robust Knowledge Base, API documentation and other technical materials available to all users.


Dedicated CSM

Your CSM will help you get the most out of NS1's powerful platform, proactively identifying opportunities to optimize your setup that are aligned to your strategic initiatives.


Project Management

We've partnered on hundreds of successful migrations and have developed a fine-tuned onboarding process. We'll work with you to develop a custom migration plan with clearly established timelines and action items for both teams.


Business Reviews & Optimizations

After your migration is complete, we'll conduct a high-level conversation about your goals for the coming year and set a course for how NS1 can help achieve these objectives.

Social Media Technology Company

Ensure Business Reliability & Security



When customer experience is impacted, businesses suffer— especially those which rely on giving users visibility into their global professional network. DDoS vulnerability is always a fear, and has the ability to take down whole networks at a time. This organization knew it needed a redundant solution to ensure end-user application experience, meet 100% uptime commitments, and reduce the risk of financial consequences.


When attacks happen, this organization confidently knows its end users are not impacted. In the background, NS1’s Dedicated DNS ensures network uptime, and delivers the added perk of letting the team enjoy their personal lives rather than fighting DDoS fires. With NS1, this global company knows it can commit to 100% uptime, and suffer 0 financial consequences.

Security Technology Company

Improve IT Efficiency & Modernize Infrastructure


A tech-first company, this organization required a managed DNS solution with a robust API as its previous DNS vendor was frequently hitting API limits.


Previous DNS provider’s lack of flexibility forced this company to look elsewhere choosing the NS1 solution due to its: ease of use, flexible API and portal, long-term roadmap, customer success program, and the prospect of also deploying the NS1 dedicated DNS solution when the time was right.


Ensure End-User Application Experience

Streaming Media Company



For a global radio and streaming service, DNS is a business-critical component to end-user availability. This organization was using three different DNS providers and realized one was coming up short in its ability to keep pace with query volume.


Stability, uptime, technology vision and a seasoned and attentive customer success team were critical to the decision making process when evaluating secondary providers. With NS1’s filter chains and flexible API, this company now optimizes DNS rather than worrying about downtime and latency.

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  • * according to a survey of employers by Willis Towers Watson, an insurance brokerage and advisory company https://www.marketwatch.com/story/coronavirus-has-prompted-these-tech-companies-to-ask-employees-to-work-from-home-2020-03-05