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Global DNS Traffic Report

Insights into the health of networks in 2023

What can you learn from examining 7.54 trillion queries and 15.1 trillion packets?
Quite a lot about the health of the internet, as it turns out!
As the connective tissue that links users to online applications, services, and content, NS1 has a unique vantage point on the daily operations of the internet. We leveraged the power of our real-time DNS traffic analysis tool, DNS Insights, to see what insights could be drawn from trillions of queries over a 90-day period.
Download NS1’s inaugural Global DNS Traffic Report to learn more about:
  • IPv6 and DNSSEC adoption (how far along is it, really?)
  • What amount of NXDOMAIN traffic is normal, and the surprising issues that might be increasing that traffic on your own network
  • The surprising popularity of the new HTTPS record type
 …and much more!
Download The Global DNS Traffic Report

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James Marcus
Vice President of Technical Operations, Magnetic

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