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2020 Conference

INS1GHTS2020 was a one-day digital gathering of industry leaders in NetOps, DevOps, and application delivery for candid conversations and presentations on navigating the present and building the future.

A global online event
June 25, 2020

Sessions and Speakers

Kris Beevers

Keynote: The Digital Future is Now, Are You Ready?

Jonathan Sullivan

Keynote: Building a Modern Foundation for a Modern World

Liz Fong-Jones

Cultivating Production Excellence

Casey Rosenthal

Myths of Reliability

Dorianne St Fleur

The Power of Allyship

Archana Kesavan

Delivering Enterprise Applications Over an Unpredictable Internet

Chris Riley

How Being Yourself Generates More Revenue for the Business

Rohit Sawhney

Security Starts With DNS - Uncover Your Network Security Goldmine

Bethany Abbott

4 Easy Steps for Reclaiming Your Life (Without Quitting Your Job)

Jason Yee

SLOs: You're Missing the Point!

Sanjay Ramnath

Modern, SaaS Based Platform for Application Traffic Management

Cyril Duprat

How to Run a Video War Room: Real-Time QoE Monitoring with Mux

Leon Stigter

Automated DevOps for the Serverless Fitness Shop - Knowing What and Why You Go to Production

Liran Haimovitch

CI/CD with Jenkins and Kubernetes- the Ugly Bits

Doug DesCombaz

Using Edge Routing to Route Users to their New Datacenter

Brian Vaughan

Global Server Load Balancing and Increasing Application Performance

Heidi Waterhouse

Breaking Strain: A Story About Capacities and Testing

Sean Leach

Security vs. Performance: The Tradeoff Reexamined with Serverless

Chris Riviere

Cyber Security's New Normal

Marco Rodrigues

Securely Deploy & Operate Your K8s App Anywhere with Volterra

Joel Guerra

Error-free and Scalable Application Delivery to Empower How the World Shops

Nathan Moore

Monitored Per-Vhost Global Traffic Load Balancing

Brad Murdoch

Operationalizing Machine Learning with Streaming Data Pipelines

Adam Mills

Scaling Load Balancing Using NS1

Michael Hood

STOP TALKING IN CODE: 3 Ways to Better Communicate How Great You And Your Dev Team Are

Dan Rayburn

Delivering Great End-Use Experience at Scale

Cody de Arkland

Shaping Rivers in Service Mesh with HashiCorp Consul

Simon Driscoll

Trusted Security in a Zero Trust World

Shumon Huque

DNSSEC With Multiple Providers

Bipin Mistry

Application Networking for the Era of Cloud, Edge, and Automation

Ted Middleton

Building Video Workloads in the Cloud with High Availability and Redundancy

Alex Greco

Self-Serve DNS and TLS Certificates in Kubernetes with NS1

Matt Levine

Cachefly Fireside Chat with NS1 CTO, Jonathan Sullivan

Nik Koutsoukos

Digital Experience Management & Observability

James Royalty

Behind the Streams: Multi-CDN for a Large-Scale Live Event

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