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Meeting Application and Access Network Modernization Challenges

IDG Research survey shows how a global pandemic is creating new urgency around IT modernization and a search for tools that can help deploy, connect, and deliver modern applications.

Meeting Application and Access Network Modernization Challenges

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  • Enterprises are dealing with unprecedented amounts of traffic.
  • Survey respondents face a number of obstacles in their IT modernization projects.
  • Other companies are adopting modern application stack solutions.
  • DDI is crucial with respect to ensuring speedy, reliable network performance and application delivery.

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The vast majority of companies are making progress in their IT modernization efforts. It’s clear the current pandemic is creating a new sense of urgency to increase efficiency while improving application performance and the user experience.

In terms of obstacles to modernization, survey respondents report the biggest ones are a talent and skills gap, competing priorities, legacy infrastructure, and budgets. The survey includes responses from 400 IT professionals (director or above) from companies with at least 2,500 employees in the US, UK, and Germany.

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  • The IT landscape is changing
  • Others are overcoming the obstacles to modernization
  • To address your unique performance requirements
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