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A Modern Approach to DNS and Application Traffic Management

DNS remains a critical piece of the modern application delivery stack. Yet, it hasn’t kept up with the pace of innovation. To support modern application delivery needs, DNS must evolve.


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  • Improve business resilience and reduce risk
  • Deliver exceptional application experiences anywhere
  • Drive IT efficiency and modernization
  • Easily implement global server load balancing

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Evolving DNS isn’t simply about gaining incrementally faster DNS response times. Rather, a modern approach to DNS and application traffic management is one that can fit seamlessly into your application delivery stack and help you drive topline business results related to revenue, cost efficiency, and risk reduction.

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  • Current application delivery trends and challenges are catalyzing the evolution of DNS infrastructure
  • NS1’s unique approach to DNS and application traffic management addresses complex application delivery challenges
  • NS1 helps you drive better business results
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