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The Complexity Challenge: How to Sustainably Scale Your Infrastructure

Breaking Down the Barriers to Successful Digital Innovation

September 8th, 2022 at 12 PM ET

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The companies thriving today are the ones that are able to prioritize key digital features like IoT and Edge Computing, but these require greater technical support and a more complex infrastructure. Organizations need to invest in their digital transformation if they want to stay competitive — and must choose their providers wisely. Partnering with the wrong third party can overcomplicate operations and leave the company bogged down in bureaucracy, instead of scaling up.

This doesn’t need to be the case. With the right support, companies can design, implement and maintain a complex yet scalable architecture that meets greater demands. Rather than just tacking on new applications, the right third-party partner will aid in consolidation; by streamlining and outsourcing in appropriate places, companies can redirect their resources where they’ll generate the most impact.

Watch our on-demand panel to learn more about the biggest threats of infrastructure complexity — and practical solutions for scaling. Tune in to hear more about:

  • Why buying more processing power isn't enough on its own
  • The key components of a secure yet scalable infrastructure
  • How to balance resiliency, performance and cost-efficiency
  • When to expand and when to consolidate

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  • Lokesh Kris

    Principal Architect, Google Cloud

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    VP Products, NS1

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Magnetic’s performance is now beating even the largest Internet advertising giants. We’ve decreased latency by 70 percent – and have the same number of servers. They’re just now deployed in a far more cost-effective, flexible and resilient infrastructure that isn’t locked into a single cloud provider.

James Marcus Vice President of Technical Operations, Magnetic