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Outsmarting Your Next Outage with Intelligent Traffic Steering

Learn how you can lessen the impact of future outages as we share application traffic performance data from recent high-profile CDN and cloud provider outages, visualized through our Pulsar traffic analysis dashboards.

September 15, 2021 - 12 PM ET

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We’ve all been there - you’re troubleshooting a CDN or cloud provider outage in a key region for your user base. You’ve searched the data for some sign of where things went wrong, yet it doesn’t seem to be a deployment issue, bug, or another interruption; instead, it looks like it was simply an endpoint outage that you didn’t catch in time. Now your team is swamped with tickets and emails from customers who experienced resolution issues, while scrambling to get customers back online as fast as possible. Sound familiar? 

The highly distributed nature of application delivery today presents many challenges, but none are worse than poor performance and low observability. Detecting and correcting application delivery issues can seem like a neverending crusade to capture and shift traffic before it impacts customer experience. 

While monitoring and observability tools are crucial for gathering data on the health of your application delivery environment, without intelligent, automated tools to take action on these observations, you’re still at risk of delivering a poor experience to your customers when an outage occurs. 

Join NS1 for a discussion on how organizations can use intelligent, automated traffic steering to mitigate the impact of outages on your end users. 

In this webinar, we’ll share: 

  • Key findings and visualizations from recent high-profile outages, captured in real-time by our PulsarⓇ traffic analysis dashboards
  • Why outages are only growing more common, and more damaging to your business’ bottom line 
  • How you can mitigate the impact of future outages on your end-users

Who Should Attend:

  • SRE (Site Reliability Engineer), Network Engineer, IT architect, Security Engineer, Application Engineers
  • CTO, CIO, CISO’s or other leaders responsible for leading digital transformation at their company

Presented By

  • Danielle Russell
    Danielle Russell

    Director, Product Marketing

  • Monica Miller
    Monica Miller

    Senior Solutions Engineer



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James Marcus Vice President of Technical Operations, Magnetic