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Securing Business Continuity with Redundant DNS


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Your online services are business-critical, and so is your DNS. Industry analysts agree that having a redundant DNS is a best practice for business continuity; and businesses that have experienced a DNS outage have learned that as well.

That said, 68% percent of enterprises are not using redundant DNS.

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • The risks associated with single provider DNS
  • The different ways you can set up dual provider, redundant DNS
  • How NS1 Dedicated DNS makes it easier than ever to have a redundant DNS setup

Webinar attendees will come away with a solid understanding of the benefits of a redundant DNS as a means of securing business.

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  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis

    VP, Product Marketing



Magnetic’s performance is now beating even the largest Internet advertising giants. We’ve decreased latency by 70 percent – and have the same number of servers. They’re just now deployed in a far more cost-effective, flexible and resilient infrastructure that isn’t locked into a single cloud provider.

James Marcus Vice President of Technical Operations, Magnetic