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Implementing a Multi-CDN Strategy

The power to leverage multiple CDN providers in delivering online services to a large, global end user population delivers significant business benefits. Many enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver a consistently high-quality end-user experience to a global online audience using a single Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN providers have different strengths and weaknesses so it is unsurprising when a single provider does not adequately address the needs of a global online organization.
The good news is there are plenty of CDN providers to choose from, and by leveraging the right combination of providers, enterprises can simultaneously improve end-user quality of experience while lowering costs. The means to achieve this goal is based on the ability to intelligently steer traffic to the right CDN at the right time. 
Download this white paper to learn how intelligent DNS and traffic management from NS1 enables online organizations to reap the benefits of a multi-CDN strategy.

Download the white paper